Moorsbeck Ponies

Shetland ponies are famous for their diminutive statue and sizable strength and character. The breed has been molded by the natural habitat and weather of its Island home making it incredibly tough, adaptable and intelligent. Originally the majority of ponies were 34-37″ in height and with varying bone. Selective breeding particularly for the coal mining industry greatly influenced the breed. They are now categorized into Mini, Midi and Standard and come in most colours except spotted.

Shetlands shouldn’t be underestimated whichever size. They are extremely versatile making excellent driving, showing and agility ponies as well as fantastic companions. They are incredibly addictive and one is never enough!!

I fell head of heels in love with the breed after purchasing two mini mares in 2008. My herd has slowly grown and although I keep my numbers small, I like to breed the occasional foal. I am fascinated by bloodlines and colour genetics and whilst a good pony is never a bad colour, I do like unusual colours and dilutes.

I like them to live a natural life here on the farm. They help with conservation, grazing rougher areas not so suitable for the cattle and sheep. A job they relish, it keeps then hardy and healthy and they are a joy to watch, spend time with and are very much part of our family.