NEWS 2021

 2020 was a strange year for all and 2021 has not faired much better although there is hope, things are going in the right direction. It has been a busy time for our stud with a few changes, partly through choice, partly through necessity over the last year.

We have a new found interest in Tobiano’s, both bay & white and black & white which I am enjoying seeing in the herd. My daughter has grown up around the ponies, her first ride was on a mini Shetland and I am thrilled that she continues to take a real interest and hopes to add her own tastes and input over the next few years.

 Although not big breeders, I also decided to downsize. The stud is a hobby not a business for me and I felt I had let numbers creep to over twenty which has an impact financially as well as on time and maintaining the high standards of care for each pony. It has been incredibly difficult for me to part with certain ponies which I never intended to; but I am extremely happy that they have found great new homes and are settled and being enjoyed by their new owners. We hope that by the Autumn, we will have downsized by six and this should make herd management especially in winter far easier and more enjoyable.

 I have to say that although extremely flattered that ponies I have been lucky to own or breed have been in high demand, I am sad that people feel it appropriate to private message on social media to comment or vent their disdain on the home or person I have chosen. I reserve the right to sell my ponies to whom I choose and have their best interests at heart. Similarly, if I have been lucky enough to purchase a pony which unbeknown to me was promised elsewhere, whilst I can appreciate the frustration and disappointment it causes, it was not done deliberately and any grievances should be taken up with the vendor.

Hopefully after a bit of a break from the social media side,  it will be nice to keep involved and continue to enjoy this great breed with a lovely group of people who share the same interests.


The type of home we pick is of utmost importance to us, other equine company is essential and it is nice to receive the occasional update to hear how ponies are doing.

If you are interested in our ponies please contact by email in the first instance and if we have anything available we will get in touch.