¬†We started with two mares and a stallion in 2008, bred our first foal in 2010 and now keep the number to around 15 Shetland ponies. We don’t breed many foals as it is a hobby and like to keep in touch with any that move onto new homes. To date we have bred fourteen foals, we had our first homebred colt licensed in 2020 and have retained another to run on who we think has stallion potential. Our other boys are gelded here before finding new homes for showing, pets or companions. Retained fillies run with our retired older mares until mature enough to run with the stallion and raise a foal, we like them to have a few years of growing up and fun first. Others have joined fellow breeder’s for breeding and showing. As we don’t get much opportunity to go out showing ourselves, it’s lovely to follow their progress and see them flying the flag for our prefix.

The pony herd live on our hill farm, alongside cattle and sheep. The land is typical of a upland farm and perfect for a native breed of pony to run on. We like to see them fit not fat, so they spend the summer on our rougher grazing areas and in winter turn out onto our larger, grass fields. We bring them in for supplementary hay and a bucket feed to ensure the breeding mares get their minerals but they live as naturally as possible to retain their hardiness.